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Since its founding in 1945, H-W Machine has maintained a tradition of family ownership for over 50 years. Today,as a third generation family-owned business, the company remains focused on serving customers. In addition, H-W Machine's dedicated employees continue to follow the company's fundamental philosophy..... providing the best possible service at the fairest, most affordable cost.


H-W Machine operates as a job shop. While our main focus is on serving the steel mill and paper mill industries, we have continued to invest in new equipment and skilled personnel to assure that we have the technology needed to meet the growing demands of a variety of industries. Our goal is to make H-W Machine a one-stop facility for manufacturing, repair and maintenance services... from short run production and prototype construction to making replacement parts and rebuilding equipment.


Examples of our capabilities include:

• General machining work utilizing lathes, large-capacity turning equipment, vertical and horizontal boring mills.

• Production of wedge-wire screen baskets used in the pulp and paper industry.
• Repair of extended length rolls used in the steel making process, and rolls used in paper mills.
• Ability to work with steel, alloy steels, stainless, aluminum and other exotic metals.
• 3-D CAD cam design service original design or retro-fit projects and product research and development.
• 24-Hour service accessibility in the event of a breakdown or major equipment failure.
For companies in the steel, chemical, energy, paper, oil, and gas industries, trust H-W Machine Inc., to build, repair, and service metal parts related to your field. The moment a customer walks through our doors in Canton, Ohio, we strive to build a personal relationship to ensure the best possible service.

Custom Machining

We offer significant cost savings to the customers wishing to build, rebuild and refurbish existing parts. We work with dual machine exotic materials, specializing in materials such as zirconium, high grade stainless and other heavy materials.

We're always looking for new machinists to work for us. We sponsor federally approved apprenticeship programs.


Reverse Engineering

We take existing parts, make drawings, and duplicate the parts based on the existing machine. If you have an obsolete machine and need a part for it, we'll take the worn out part and remake it. This service is perfect for the previously mentioned industries, as well as anyone looking to restore antique motorcycles, tractors, and cars.

Steel Machine - Steel Industry

Project Development

We interface with the customer to help them decide the best plan of attack for their project. We work with companies to do equipment upgrades.

Contact us with any questions regarding our machining and refurbishing services.